In which countries do you deliver to?
WINE44 delivers to the following countries:
- Portugal Mainland;
- Islands (Azores and Madeira);
- Spain;
- Zone 1 (Germany)
- Zone 2 ( France)
- Zone 3(Austria, Belgium, Croatia , Czech Republic,Slovakia, Slovenia ,Netherlands ,Hungary, Italy , Luxembourg, Poland, Romania)
- Zone 4 (Bulgaria, Estonia*, Greece, Ireland, Latvia*, Lithuania*)
- Zone 5 (Denmark*, Finland* ,Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Sweden*, Switzerland).

If you want to send an order to a country other than the one mentioned above, please contact our Customer Support at

What is the cost per shipment?
For mainland Portugal, in orders over €59, the shipping cost is free. Orders under 59€ have a cost of 4.90€.

For Spain (except islands), for orders over 100€, the shipping cost is free. Orders under 100€ have a cost of 9.90€.

For all other destinations, the shipping cost is calculated based on the products in the shopping cart and country/delivery zone.

Can I choose the shipping company or shipping method?
No. We work with the leading distribution companies in each destination, so we have a specific shipping partner and delivery method for each country.
Our boxes are certified by the leading transport companies and prepared for land or air transport and also to travel long distances.
Within the EU we work with DHL ground service and CTT air service to Azores and Madeira. All intercontinental deliveries are made with the DHL air service.
We only work with the best and fastest transport companies and those who guarantee us deadlines and quality in each delivery in each specific country. Only this way we can guarantee the lowest shipping cost possible.

Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum order and you can order the products individually. During checkout, the shipping cost is calculated based on your destination country and the amount of products in your shopping cart. Try to order in groups of 12 bottles, the maximum number of bottles each package can hold and more products in each order. This way you will save money because the shipping cost per product gets lower the larger your order is.

How do I know how much I should pay for delivery in my country?
Every time you add products to your shopping cart, the shipping cost will be updated. Also during the checkout process, when selecting your country, our system will give you the exact amount to pay for shipping the wines in your shopping cart.

Is there free shipping for larger orders?
We do not have a permanent free shipping policy on our website except for Portugal for orders over €59 and Spain for orders over €100. For all other destinations, the shipping cost is calculated based on the products in the shopping cart.
Although we often run some campaigns where we offer shipping costs on orders of greater volume or value. These campaigns are sent to your email and you usually have about a week to get that opportunity.

What is included in the shipping cost?
The shipping cost includes the shipping and delivery service from our warehouse to your address. We assume in that price all expenses necessary to place your order at your address. If your address is outside the European Union, you may have to pay local taxes such as VAT or any other taxes related to the import of alcoholic beverages. These amounts are not charged by us and all products out of the EU are exempt from any local taxes and duties.

I live in a country that is part of the European Union. Is there any additional tax to pay upon receipt of the order?
Orders to be delivered to any EU country include local VAT tax and our company is liable to pay VAT in each EU country where we sell.
In addition, all the products we sell are already legalized for the consumer market with the taxes paid, which means that we are allowed to sell our products to any country within the EU area.
There may be some exceptions where the law of the country requires the payment of a local tax on wines or distillates.
In these cases, the amount can be requested upon delivery of the goods, so please check with your local authorities if you are entitled to import wines from another EU member state and what fees may be charged.

I live in a country outside the European Union. Is there any additional tax when I receive the package?
Shipping costs include the transport and delivery of your order, as well as export customs clearance.
Prices for customers outside the EU do not include local VAT or any other local tax.
Import procedures are managed by our shipping partner, which means that upon arrival of your order, they will present it to local customs and contact you with the amounts to be paid for importing the goods and how to proceed with payment.
In most countries, taxes will depend on the value of the order and excise taxes on the type and number of products in the order.
We cannot guarantee that you will not be eligible to pay duties and taxes in your country, so please contact your local customs office to verify this and find out the amounts involved before ordering.

When should I expect my order?
Our commitment is to make every effort to manage your order as quickly as possible, so most orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours of being confirmed. If there are any problems with your order, our customer service team will contact you to inform you of any delays, shortages or to find a solution that meets your needs.
When your order is shipped we will send you an email with the tracking number of each box and the estimated delivery time.
Once your order has been shipped, it usually takes between 2 to 5 working days for a ground delivery within Europe depending on distance, and 1 to 3 working days for an air delivery to most continents. To get more accurate times for your order shipping or shipping to a certain destination, you can check the estimated delivery time inside each carrier's box when checking out an order.

What should I do if no one is available to sign for my order, or if the person at the address is not of legal age?
Most customers choose to have their order shipped to their work address so that they are present to receive it or there is always someone available to receive the boxes.
If an order is sent to your home and there is no one or no adult present, our carrier will leave a notice and contact you later to arrange a new delivery date. After an attempted delivery or if the carrier is unable to contact you, you will inform us of this and we will schedule the delivery for another location or date.
We and the carrier will always work to deliver your order, but if this is not possible, the boxes will be returned to origin and we will have to charge you for the reshipping service.

How can I track my boxes?
The shipping confirmation email contains the name of the carrier and the link to track each of your boxes. Simply access those links if you want to check where your order is at any given time and what the estimated delivery date is.

I received my order but it is not complete. What should I do?
We ship orders in boxes of up to 12 bottles, so if you have ordered more quantity you should receive it in multiple boxes.
Each box has a unique label identification and sometimes the shipping company may have a delay on one box, so you should expect to receive the rest of the order during the next working days. If the outstanding boxes are not delivered within that timeframe, please contact our customer service team and we will open an incidence with the carrier. After that, we will manage with the carrier and if necessary send new boxes to avoid further delays.

I received all the boxes but there are products missing. What should I do?
When you receive your order you should always inspect the boxes and report any visible damage to the delivery person.
Normally, if a box is damaged during transport, the carrier will repackage and deliver it so always check if any of the boxes are different from the rest or if there is tape on the package has the carrier's logo.
In case of missing products in your order, please contact our customer service team and we will take care of it with the shipping company and replace or refund any missing product.